RevUp Calls

Office Designs Case Study Increasing Calls and Call Center Sales

The Challenge: Increasing calls from online and offline advertising while ONLY paying for effective calls and NOT for the corresponding ad spots. Call quality needed to be maintained to prevent the call center from being overwhelmed with non-buyers and the amount paid per qualifying call needed to align with the target cost per qualified lead “opportunity” .

The Plan: Assess the average metrics of the call center for the number of callers required to generate an opportunity. Within those metrics evaluate the conversion rate of all callers who respond to the required IVR prompt of “press 1 to speak with a sales representative,” and evaluate the conversion rate to an opportunity of all callers who pressed 1 and stayed on the line for at least 2 minutes. Based on these terms, a pay-per-call commission established and creative assets were made available to members of the Office Designs affiliate program through an Invoca platform plugin.
Affiliates were recruited to promote their own unique, trackable phone number. As call delivery from affiliate ad placements increased, we evaluated call quality using both qualifying metrics, as well as by spot checking recorded calls to evaluate call quality by source.

The Results: Office Designs increased its call volume at its target cost per opportunity, while ONLY paying for effective calls and NOT for the ad spots. Every month more affiliates join the Office Designs program and become new sources of calls. Every ad utilized in this campaign increases brand awareness, calls, opportunities and sales; through the call center and through the online store. In the 4th year of the program, total affiliates sales from calls and clicks combined broke another a new record for holiday season sales representing a growth rate over three years of 2.2X.