RevUp Search

Zingle Case Study

Making paid search a profitable source of customers

The Challenge: Zingle experienced a spike in sales originating from their Google Paid Search campaign but were unable to duplicate this success despite doubling their Search budget. We took on the challenge of recreating the sales spike by crafting a search campaign which delivered a consistently increasing number of sales at a decreasing cost per sale.

The Plan: Review ad, keyword and search query performance from the month the sales spike occurred. Add integration of AdWords data with Salesforce and HubSpot to identify the referring keywords responsible for leads, opportunities and sales going forward. Restructure the AdWords account into a large number of smaller campaigns for the purpose of precisely controlling budget allocation to small sets of tested keywords. Match ad copy to the specific keywords to increase quality score. A/B/C test landing pages to improve their conversion rates. Shift budgets and traffic from lower performing ads, keywords and landing pages to the test winners.

The Results: Zingle achieved its goal of consistently recreating the sales spike, on a monthly basis. As the enhanced reporting delivered test results, efficiencies were found to improve Return On Ad Spend. ROAS improved from a loss of 0.25 received from every dollar spent to a profitable ROAS rate of 1.75 (a 7X improvement).